A biography of alfred nobel a swedish scientist

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Alfred Nobel

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Jul 25,  · Alfred Nobel và Chất Nổ | Phim tài liệu khoa học | Khám phá thê giới (Thuyết Minh) - Duration: Những Chân Trời Mới 8, views. Alfred Nobel was born on October 21st, in Stockholm, Sweden.

History shows that the men in his family were mostly engineers and businessmen and Alfred was quick to follow in their footsteps. InAlfred and his family moved to St. Petersburg where his father, Immanuel Nobel, had built a factory for armament a few years earlier.

Alfred Nobel, in full Alfred Bernhard Nobel, (born October 21,Stockholm, Sweden—died December 10,San Remo, Italy), Swedish chemist, engineer, and industrialist who invented dynamite and other more powerful explosives and who also founded the Nobel Prizes.

Alfred Nobel was the fourth son of Immanuel and Caroline Nobel. Watch video · Alfred Nobel Biography Engineer, Scientist, Inventor, Chemist, Business Leader (–) Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel.

Biography: Alfred Nobel. Alfred was the scientist of the family, inventing and manufacturing dynamite, the blasting cap, gelignite and ballistite. He grew fantastically rich on the proceeds of his explosives businesses.

In Januaryhe applied for a Swedish patent for this mixture. He then did nothing. Alfred Nobel was a Swedish scientist who invented dynamite and willed his wealth to establish the prestigious Nobel Prize.

He was born on October 21, to Immanuel and Karolina Andriette Nobel, the fourth of eight children.

A biography of alfred nobel a swedish scientist
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