Analysis of teen magazines

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Teen Magazines Vs. Adolescent Girls

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Sociologists help?! coursework on content analysis of teenage magazines?

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Literary Journals & Magazines

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Soccer (Football) Magazines and Journals

An analysis of weight and diet content in five women's interest magazines. Journal of Obesity and Weight Regulation, 5, Google Scholar: Waltzer, M. A.

(). Magazines for junior and senior high schools. Catholic Library World, 58(5), Google Scholar: Waterman, A. S. (). The Hub. Analysis of TIME Magazine’s “Best” Books for “Young Adults” In fact, YALSA has an award to recognize adult fiction with teen appeal Essays & Analysis, In the News and YA Literature.

TIME's Best Young Adult Books.

Literary Magazines

Mar 19,  · A Brief History Of Teen Girl Magazines Thursday, March 19, by Ashley Reese Whenever I go back home, I notice a huge pile of magazines I’ve collected as a kid through my teens, from the late ’90s and through the ’00s. I think this magazine's main viewers were teens: teens who were into beauty, fashion and wanted advice about how to live their lives.

This magazine is mainly intended for entertainment, and mostly focuses on light and fun subjects. Expanding on existing research on women's magazines, this essay examines the sexual etiquette developed in advice columns in magazines popular among teenage women.

Over a span of 20 years, the advice has changed very little. Teenage girls are bombarded daily with messages from the media, their peers, and their parents. Teen magazines are one of these media that especially appeal to girls. Because girls are so drawn to these magazines, it is important to discover what messages the magazines are sending and how accmately teenage girls are receiving these messages.

Analysis of teen magazines
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