Critical literacy

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Critical literacy

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It’s like when we talk about reading. Critical literacy is an instructional approach, stemming from Marxist critical pedagogy, that advocates the adoption of "critical" perspectives toward text.

Critical literacy encourages readers to actively analyze texts and offers strategies for what proponents describe as uncovering underlying messages. The journal ‘Critical Literacy: Theories and Practices’ publishes articles related to theoretical discussions and practices of critical literacy based on a wide range of perspectives and disciplines.

what is "critical literacy"? "Critical literacy" is a set of skills and dispositions that promote creative teaching and active learning.

While the term is relatively new, the concept is basic to all good pedagogy. 36 Critical Literacy: Enhancing Students’ Comprehension of Text that we use to teach critical literacy strategies, and another that we use to teach critical literacy.

(CTI) promotes active learning and critical thinking in formal and non-formal educational settings, in all disciplines and at all levels, primary school through university and adult education. Over the past decade we have partnered with NGO’s and schools in more than 35 countries on five continents to provide seminars and workshops for teachers, university faculties, teacher training.

Critical literacy
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