Loan file submitted to underwriting a loan

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What Does it Mean When a Loan Goes to Underwriting?

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Explaining the Home Loan Process Part 3: Processing

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Underwriting and Home Loan Approval

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Made sure that the file was complete as possible so once the mortgage underwriter issued a conditional loan approval, there would be very little conditions The file was then submitted to underwriting and assigned to a mortgage loan underwriter for a conditional loan approval.

Once the processor has prepared and submitted mortgage loan application file and documents to underwriting, the mortgage file gets assigned to a mortgage underwriter. Mortgage loan package is assigned to an underwriter who is responsible to either approve the mortgage loan or deny the mortgage loan.

14 If a loan is submitted more than 60 days after loan closing, a statement signed by a corporate officer of the lender which identifies the loan, provides the specific reasons for late reporting and certifies.

Once you have submitted the necessary documents, we will send your loan file to our underwriters and request approval to close your loan. After an underwriter reviews and accepts all documents and information, you are ready to close on your mortgage loan.

mortgage loan file, re-verifying certain information, reviewing the soundness of underwriting judgments, documenting the review and any findings in a quality control report, and reporting the findings to senior management within one month.

DU and LP findings reports along with applicable required documentation must be included in the loan file submitted to VHDA.

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Regardless of the source for the underwriting decision - the following guidelines must be met for all Flex Alt Loans.

Loan file submitted to underwriting a loan
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FHA Loans - FHA Loan Underwriting Process